A growing number of parents with teenagers are searching for private behavioral intervention and school programs for help. They need help because there is an increasing number of teenagers have emotional, psychological, behavioral, school or substance abuse problems. Many public and private school are simply not providing the help that children need to learn, grow and feel good about themselves. In absence of appropriate supervision and healthy self-esteem, students are dropping out of school, bonding with other kids who have problems, turning to drugs, and becoming involved in unsafe activities that feel more rewarding and worthwhile.


The purposes of intervention and educational consulting are :

1. To provide parents with an objective evaluation, information, guidance and support to address their child's psychological and educational problems.

 To evaluate and develop a plan to address dysfunctional and other problem behavior.

3. To help parents interview, evaluate and find schools or intervention programs that will  address the parent's concerns.
4. To help parents insure the school or intervention program is appropriate for their child.

 To support, monitor and advocate for parents with programs and staff.

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"Spandan" is registered counselling and traing center based in Sangli. Spandan is registered firm in 2009 with the Registration Number  MH/180/09/SANGLI. Spandan provides the Conuselling and Training in various sectors of life. Spandan’s counselling  center provides the service for all over Maharashtra.

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